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The Inspirational Leadership

We used to believe that some leaders are naturally more inspiring than others.


Then, just as research was starting to prove that  inspirational leadership is teachable, public opinion turned against “the myth of the charismatic leader”, blaming it for everything from Enron to the Financial Crisis.

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Yes, charisma can be

a powerful weapon

in the hands of

the wrong leader.

But choosing not to develop it when you are a decent person is like refusing sailing lessons from fear that they might turn you into a pirate.

Another common misconception about inspirational leadership is that it is something that bigger-than-life leaders beam down on their followers from a stage. Ask any organizational employee whether they would prefer a boss who inspires them (and then, for a quick reality check, ask them if they have such a boss). The answers will tell you everything about why you owe inspirational leadership to your team.

In this online course you will learn about and practice with:


The science

behind inspirational leadership and its effects on followers.



of inspirational leadership.


The 12 Charismatic Leadership Tactics (“CLTs”)

researched so far (plus one, hiding in plain view).


Recognizing CLTs

in other leaders’ talk.


Using CLTs in your interactions

from one-to-one meetings to townhall presentations.


This course is for practicing leaders with experience in managing others.

Class time:
Two half-day classes, one week apart.
Homework of around 2-3 hours per week.
Online, synchronous.
$140 (of which 50% upon
successful completion of the course)

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