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Humor for leaders bootcamp


Managers looking to up their leadership skills used to get advice like “if you are not naturally funny, better stay away from humor at work. If you are naturally funny… better stay away from humor at work”. 


Not any longer. Recent research shows that humor is an essential leadership skill. Funny managers are trusted more and are seen as better leaders. They foster employee creativity, increase work engagement, make change feel more manageable and newcomers feel more welcome.

And humor can be learned, sharpened, and controlled just like any other charismatic leadership technique.

In this online course you will learn about and practice with:


Humor in relation to key leadership concepts:

self-leadership, influence and motivation, leading across cultures, power and leadership, leading effective teams.


Fueling your creativity

and finding humor all around you.


Tips and techniques for creating humor

from long-form funny stories to short jokes and from prepared presentation content to improvised comebacks.


Choosing the right humor style

as a leader.


Avoiding research-documented pitfalls of humor in leadership

such as shutting down employee voice; signaling that misbehavior is acceptable; or diminishing one’s own authority as a leader.


This course is for practicing leaders with experience in managing others.

Class time:
Three hours per class, one class per week, for 3 weeks. Individual homework time of about two hours per week.
Online, synchronous.
$200 (of which 50% upon
successful completion of the course).

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For Managers

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