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Case Teaching

You are a management educator who uses the case teaching method. Yet lately it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have students prepare the cases and engage with the case discussion.

Enter the “cinematic case”, a real life-based case centered around a film made with professional actors and produced at cinematic quality levels.

Stand Up Meeting

A cinematic case ensures student engagement and

makes it easier to start

the case discussion: who doesn’t like to discuss a movie?

Moreover, once they have engaged with the case characters, students will be readier to invest in studying additional written material (such as business, market, financial data for the organization being portrayed in the film) that can allow a more deeply situated analysis of the case.

For you as an educator, a cinematic case allows you to gradually add complexity to your case discussions, as you become more familiar and comfortable with the case. For example, the first time you teach with the cine-case you can focus the discussion on interpreting the whole film through the prism of one learning objective. On subsequent occasions when you teach with the cine-case, you can start gradually uncovering layers of meaning by adding analysis of specific scenes that, through the magic of cinema, pack emotions, motivations, relationships, power undercurrents, in only a few minutes of film.

Collaborate on making
the next cine-case

Do you know of a real-life management case that would make a great “cine-case”? 

Or would you like to be involved in the making of the next cine-case?

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